Terms and Conditions

1. Driver’s age and driving license 

  • The client must achieve minimum 23 years old, to have his own category B driving license.
  • The driver should have minimum 3 years of driving experience.
  • On our web site you can book  on line a rental car in Cyprus without advance, franchise and without credit card.
  • You can cancel you booking anytime and you won’t loose your money.

2 First of all, if a client wants to rent a car, then the client should be in line with the following rules:

  • To drive conforming to the conditions of the rental agreement.
  • Also to conform to the traffic regulations of the Republic of Cyprus.
  • In general, only the person who signed the rental agreement have the drive a car (if an additional driver is not mentioned in the rental agreement).
  • The client can not use the rental car for commercial purposes, taxi and transportation of passengers.
  • Also the driver can drive the car on public roads only. The driver has no rights to use the rental car in hunting activities.
  • The renter will not carry more passengers than available seats exist in the car.
  • The client can not leave the unlocked car opened supervision. The driver can park the rental car only at an authorized parking during the whole rental period.
  • In case of accident, the driver should notify the company’s representatives immediately. The client will also call the police and take all the necessary measures for personal security and  security or the rental car.
  • In fact it is strictly banned to cross the boarders of the territory of  the Republic of Cyprus.

3. Fees and deposit of car rental in  Cyprus

  • The client must pay specific sum of money for the rental of the vehicle. This entire amount of money is specified in the rental agreement. Payment can be made by the use of Visa card or MasterCard, American Express credit cards, etc.
  • Client (driver) must pay a sum of deposit as guarantee, which is fully refundable at the expiration date of the rental agreement. The deposit will not be refunded if the driver had deliberately caused an accident or damage to the car in any other way.
  • Also legal entities can pay the rent – a – car service by money transfer.

4. The minimum rental period and online booking

  • The minimum rental period is 3 days.
  • All reservations made online on the website and by telephone are accepted.
  • The email received after booking the car online on our website is not a confirmation letter. The booking confirmation is made when you are contacted by a company operator or other representative of the rent – a – car company.
  • We must check the car’s availability and only then we will contact you.

5. Extension of the contract and delays 

  • In case, if the client does not return the car at the time specified in the rental agreement, the first hour of delay is equal to 5 Euro/hour, the next 3 hours will cost 7 euro/hour. Otherwise, if delay exceeds 3 hours it will be charged as a whole day.
  • A 4 hour delay without acknowledging the representatives of the rent – a – car company (a verbal or written announcement) will cause police approach concerned with theft of the rental car.
  • In case, if the client requests an extension of the contract, it will have the same conditions and price as at the date of signing the contract.

6. The rental company’s duties 

  • After signing the rental agreement the company must provide to client the car in good technical conditions.
  • The company also transmits the client documents and car keys.

7. Insurance and road taxes 

  • Cars have insurance three major types of insurance: DCW, SCDW ,TPL. Standard insurance covers the damage which was made by the other reason ( not the client’s fault). The rental fee includes technical inspection and road taxes;
  • Also the client can receive additional insurance for children, luggage, securities, passengers, Casco with or without franchise.

8. Provided Vehicles.

  • Our company provides different cars for different purposes. For example Econom Class, Medium Class, Family Cars, Cabriolet and Bussines Class. All of them are shown at our website.

9. Out of Working Hours

  • A surcharge of 20.00 EUR should be paid by people who want to rent or to return the car off hours.

10.Cross Border and Territorial Restrictions

  • The client has no right to cross the border of the Republic of Cyprus;
  • To drive to Northern Cyprus is possible only with special permission.